Tuesday, July 9, 2013

pasta as therapy

After five weeks, I completed an intense series of radiation for a lymphoma  tumor build-up. Thankfully, it all worked. Tumor gone. During the treatment, I did various things as therapy, and one of the most rewarding was making fresh pasta. One session I got in to making garganelli and it was simply just great fun. And when those lovely little tubes were ready to cook, sauce and eat, it was double rewarding.

The results are shown above. Pictured is my garganelli board, which I bought from Terri Mirri on his site: www.artisinalpastatools.comwww.artisanalpastatools.com. Making the garganelli is really easy to do. It does not take long to get the hang of wrapping the two-inch pasta sheets around the dowel and running it over the comb. Go to my basic web site: www.classicpasta.com and click on "pasta" On the "pasta" page, on the right, go down to fresh pasta and click on "garganelli". There you will find complete how-to, with pictures. (By clicking on "ingredients" on the left side, you can link to a section "where to buy" which will guide you to artisinaltools,

We sauced the garganelli with some of our home made tomato sauce we had made last year, when tomatoes were at their best and then froze. This really works!  We have several fresh tomato sauce recipes under "sauces" on the classic pasta web site.

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