Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Eating . . . a Memoir

Jason Epstein, an old friend from wonderful New York publishing days, was not only an editor par excellence, a brilliant creative genius and innovator in that world, but also a first-class cook and lover of everything in food.

He has written a memoir -- see above -- that is nothing but a pure delight. And filled with insights that are both entertaining, enlightening and fun. Nothing for you to do but buy the book . . . and enjoy! "It is delicious" as Maida Heatter says. Plus, you will find a host of terrific recipes -- all easily done -- Chinese, Italian, French, New England, etc. A feast.

Jason talks about several key Italian recipes in his memoir, which qualifies it for a place in our "eating Italian" blog. He also provides some excellent tips and bits of advice that I, for one, found incredibly valuable.

As we also recommend: one finds out when the pasta is properly al dente by tasting. We pick out the strand of pasta or the individual penne and then blow on it to cool it for tasting. He has a cup of cold water at hand to do the cooling. When the pasta is ready he lifts it out of its water with a long-handled strainer (for penne) or tongs (for spaghetti for example) and drops the pasta directly into the sauce. This rather than dumping the pasta into a collander to drain it. We like it.

We had to include several of the recipes from "Eating" in our web site:

First there is Jason's take on a classic Bolognese:
www.classicpasta.com/jasons_bolognese.htm. Then you can compare his with our own "best Bolognese sauce ever" and put them both to a test.

His simple and spicy tomato sauce that he prepares for the penne (see above) is found at:
www.classicpasta.com/garlic_tomato_sauce.htm. We present the recipe almost exactly as Jason writes it, in his wonderful style.

And for an added attraction, a scallops and fettuccine dish:
Buy the book: read, enjoy and cook!